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What We Provide


Our Rehab center is located in a convenient location in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Orchard Mountain Recovery (OMR) Intensive Outpatient program for Alcohol and Drug Addiction treatment meets during the evening so that you can take care of work, family, or other responsibilities while you recover. This program is in-network for most insurance providers, making it a readily accessible addiction treatment option. Our program meets three times per week for three sessions in Charlottesville, VA, but will decrease in frequency as recovery milestones are met.


Utilization of a group counseling rehab dynamic will assist clients in the development of effective recovery communication skills and will foster the ability to participate in socialization experiences. Groups will be maintained in which patients will help and support each other in a safe and supportive therapeutic environment. These sessions will focus on rational problem-solving mechanisms to alter dysfunctional beliefs and thinking patterns, as well as various forms of substance abuse relapse prevention and skills training.


Family groups will meet weekly to assist clients' relatives or significant others in learning about the detrimental effects of drug and alcohol abuse on relationships and how these effects can be tolerated or resolved. The family group dynamic will involve increasing family members' understanding of the client's substance abuse as a chronic disease with related psychosocial components.


Clients will also be provided with individual counseling as an important, supportive adjunct to group sessions and the rehabilitation process. These individual sessions will address immediate problems stemming from clients' drug and alcohol addiction and their current efforts to achieve and maintain abstinence. Individual counseling sessions will involve clients' reactions to recent group interactions, exploration of clients' presenting issues, and inquiries about drug and alcohol abuse. Counselors will help clients review reactions to recent group topics, review treatment plans and coping strategies, address fears and anxieties related to the change process, provide personalized feedback on toxicology results, and probe into sensitive issues.


All clients will undergo medical evaluation by a board certified Virginia licensed provider with extensive knowledge and experience in alcohol and drug addiction treatment. The goal of this evaluation is to obtain pertinent medical information and physical findings that may directly affect a client's ability to function in a therapeutic environment and engage in treatment.

Medical staff will maintain availability to clients throughout the addiction treatment process and will be involved in the presentation of groups addressing medical topics pertinent to recovery. All efforts will be made to provide an appropriate referral to a physician or qualified medical practitioner for treatment of all previously undiagnosed or untreated medical conditions that require immediate or continuing care.


Orchard Mountain Recovery offers individual and group sessions for individuals seeking positive support and education regarding the successful diagnosis and treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. These services are generally provided to:

  • Individuals with concerns about their use and possible abuse of alcohol and drugs

  • Court-ordered requirements for evaluation and/or participation in substance abuse treatment

  • Job-related incidents reflective of drug and alcohol use and/or abuse


Routine monitoring of clients' drug and alcohol consumption to determine whether substance abuse treatment is having the desired effect is a standard part of the OMR program. Urine samples and breath samples will be utilized in this regard. The results of this testing will help OMR personnel reliably and accurately monitor a client's treatment course, recognize clients' success in remaining abstinent, and increase the accuracy of clients' self-reporting. Monitoring drug and alcohol use will be used by clinicians to determine the need for treatment plan modifications, help families reestablish trust, help clients avoid slips or lapses, and discourage them from substituting a different drug or alcohol for their primary drug of choice. Testing in the OMR program is designed to deter clients from using substances, not to punish or induce shame and guilt.


It is the belief of Orchard Mountain Recovery that long-term recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction is fostered by ongoing participation in substance abuse treatment activities. Continuity will be the goal of services provided to all clients.

The OMR Recovery Maintenance Program will offer services to clients who have completed initial substance abuse treatment in order to build upon skills that were gained. Clients will have the opportunity to participate in groups (provided by a licensed mental health provider) which utilize psychodynamics and group therapy to promote change and healing. Other groups will focus on the reinforcement of commitment to change, abstinence, and relapse prevention. Some objectives of the Orchard Mountain continuing care program are to:

  • Practice relapse prevention skills

  • Improve emotional functioning

  • Broaden social networks

  • Continue teaching and helping clients practice positive social skills and refine plans to address relapse triggers

  • Work through painful feelings (e.g. sadness, anxiety, loneliness, shyness, shame, guilt)

  • Teach clients new coping and problem-solving skills that increase self-esteem and improve interpersonal relationships, including better communication skills, anger management skills, and making amends

  • Help clients identify vocational or educational needs, improve work-related functioning, resolve family conflicts, and initiate new recreational activities

  • Facilitate linkages with community resources that foster clients' interests and offer needed services for accomplishing life goals

  • Make and sustain positive lifestyle changes

  • Continue participation in support groups and ongoing work with a sponsor

  • Emphasize the importance of spirituality or altruistic values that help clients see beyond themselves and work for community goals

  • Continue monitoring random drug test results and providing feedback on results

  • Avoid complacency


This alcohol/drug program is intended for probationers (related to alcohol/drug related vehicular charges) who have been determined to be at risk of addiction. The goal of this program is to allow the probationer to make an accurate self-appraisal of his/her alcohol and drug use and to make anticipated appropriate behavioral changes.

VASAP Intensive Education at OMR involves an initial assessment of clients referred by the James River Commission for VASAP. If appropriate, clients will participate in the program which will focus on substance abuse and driving, addiction and health, and self-evaluation of the potential for substance abuse.

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